Art Historian

Some of my academic work.

The following are some of my academic projects. The most recent was a website prepared for graduate studies at the University of Iowa. The two others are efforts fromĀ  Kalamazoo College that received awards and honors.

  • The Mussolini Marbles
    The Mussolini Marbles

    Online database cataloguing the Italian modernist marble statues of the Foro Italico complex in Rome. Designed as a proof of concept for the museum CMS CollectiveAccess.

  • Stadio dei Marmi
    Stadio dei Marmi

    Senior Project: My Senior Individualized Project at Kalamazoo College examines the Foro Italico sports complex built by Mussolini in Rome. The paper focuses on the Stadio dei Marmi or Stadium of Marbles and examines the statues as representations of Fascist masculinity, the unification of Italy, and as a piece of public art.

  • Ancient Coins
    Ancient Coins

    Virtual exhibition: Guided tour through the world of coins from the Ptolemaic period in Egypt (306-30 BCE).