This exhibit is my attempt to find a way to “bring Ptolemaic coins out of the basement” and make their stories more available. Coins are one of the many things our culture has in common with ancient cultures. Ancient coins should not be relegated to the basement where only those who have studied numismatics can truly understand and appreciate them. Ptolemaic coins, like all ancient coins, have stories to tell and they should be given a chance to tell them to those who might not have a background in Classical studies or numismatics. It is my hope that through this exhibit I have presented ways in which Ptolemaic coins can be understood and appreciated by those who might otherwise be lost in a numismatic display. Ptolemaic Egypt was a rich, multicultural civilization that knew times of abundance and plenty, but was beset by hard times as well. The Ptolemaic kings and queens minted these coins for everyone to use, and I have attempted to make them everyone’s to understand and appreciate.